Ultraviolet water disinfection is increasingly popular because of its simplicity, and its effectiveness in obtaining water free of microbiological contaminants. At 1H2O3, we have carefully selected reliable suppliers with demonstrated solutions that have a real positive impact on the environment. Before introducing the different UV applications, let’s take a look at the operation and maintenance.

UV system maintenance

The maintenance of a UV system is usually pretty similar from one unit to another. That is why we provide a brief description of this part here.

Maintaining a UV system is relatively simple. Only two components need to be cleaned or replaced regularly: the UV lamp and the quartz sleeve. The frequency of cleaning depends on how often the system is used.

  • UV lamp

If the system is used continuously, the lamp should be checked every year and replaced every two years. Indeed, with time, this one loses a little its capacity of radiation. The UV lamps offered on our site include this reduction in radiation and at the end of their life deliver the power for which they were designed. When replacing lamps, be sure to use lamps from the same manufacturer as the system being used. The compatibility of our UV bulbs is indicated on the online products.

  • Quartz tube

Maintenance is necessary to avoid clogging of the tube. If it is cloudy or clogged, it will not transmit the full dose of UV into the water and will not work effectively. However, you have to think about replacing it in case of difficult cleaning. This process is easy to perform, as you only need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is recommended to clean the quartz tube every year, and to replace it every three years. For more details, see the quartz sleeves page.

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