UV applications

Ultraviolet water disinfection is becoming more popular. In fact, this is because of its simplicity and effectiveness in providing water free of microbiological contaminants.

At 1H2O3, we have selected reliable suppliers with proven and durable solutions. This provides a significant positive impact on the environment.

Before introducing the different UV applications, let’s take a look at the operation and maintenance.

UV system maintenance

This ultraviolet water disinfection is an effective process to get healthy and drinkable water. Its process is usually similar from one device to another.

That is why we provide a brief description of this part here.
However, like all water treatment systems, a UV filter system requires regular maintenance. UV maintenance is relatively simple and trouble-free.

Only two components need to be cleaned or replaced regularly:

  • UV lamp
  • quartz sleeves

And the time interval between each cleaning depends on how often the system is used.

UV lamp

Unlike ordinary lamps, UV lamps do not burn, they solarize. This means that they reduce the intensity of the light rays to about 60% of what a new UV lamp provides. This parameter is often reached after one year or 9000 hours of continuous use.

Therefore, it is important for UV lamps to be :

  • checked every year
  • replaced every two years

Indeed, with time, it loses some of its radiation capacity.

The UV lamps we offer integrate this decrease in radiation and deliver at the end of their life, the power for which they were designed.

When replacing lamps, be sure to use lamps from the same manufacturer as the system being used.

The compatibility of our UV bulbs is indicated on the online products.

Quartz tube

Water passing through a UV system often carries minerals, sediment and other debris. These contaminants eventually accumulate on the UV quartz tube that protects the UV lamp.

It is therefore necessary to maintain it in order to prevent clogging in the tube. This accumulation disturbs the tube and prevents the UV light from penetrating the water and working effectively. However, you have to think about replacing it in case of difficult cleaning. This process is easy to perform, as you only need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. We recommend cleaning the quartz tube every year, and replacing it every three years. For more details, see the quartz sleeves page.

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Diagram of the UV dose in ultraviolet water disinfection
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