About 1H2O3

Simplify access to eco-friendly equipment

1H2O3 is an international platform offering the design and sales of equipments related to water and environmental protection. There is a wide range of products and devices to help you build the perfect installation for your project online.

Today, climate change is no longer in question, and its human origin is known. Water pollution and its effects are comparable to or even higher than global warming. 7 million animal species suffer from the pollution effects of our poor technological choices.

It is too late to avoid the impacts of pollution and global warming, but it is not too late to prevent it from getting even worse.

At 1H2O3, we consider as our duty to facilitate access to equipment related to water and environmental protection. That’s why we have created a place where technologies can be explained, evaluated or combined in a transparent way thanks to equipment from environment-friendly companies. We help our community of exhibitors to spread their know-how internationally for the preservation of the environment. Through our platform, they are connected to thousands of buyers looking for different and particular solutions, in a transparent way and for the benefit of the environment.

As a company, we strive to put our values into practice and help spread the concepts of sustainability and responsibility that can have an impact far beyond our business.

How 1H2O3 works

Our international platform brings together a whole community of real people around equipment dedicated to environmental protection. It allows exhibitors to promote their products and buyers to find what they need.

Selling internationally

With low commissions, powerful tools, dedicated support, and online design coding, we help environmentally friendly companies start, manage and expand their international sales. Do you want to sell on 1H2O3? All you need is an email to get started.

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Our research tools cover all the unique items offered by exhibitors, from the very specific to the unexpected and including custom-made items. The tools allow designing the products. The learning section presents technologies integrated by our team in the marketplace.

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We provide all the functional technology of the marketplace. In this way, we help buyers and exhibitors to contact and carry out transactions on 1H2O3. We are dedicated to ensuring that these connections are secure, and we are always there when needed.


Online technical documentation

No more piles of documentation on your desk! No more unnecessary paper printing! Once connected in your space, you have access to all technical documentation.
This virtual library already includes many catalogs and technical documentation.

Demonstration videos

Welcome to the multimedia age! As on international trade fairs, you can view product demonstrations.

Many videos are currently available online.

The regular newsletter dedicated to new projects

Keep up to date on innovations and new products in the sectors you are interested in!
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On-line design

Switch to the digital age! Each exhibitor will be able to indicate the design rules of his equipment, which will be coded to be available online 24/7!

The image viewer

A feature on each product page allows you to take a detailed look at each product on display thanks to the enlarged photos. Simply click on the exposed product: a small magnifying glass shows you the availability of this function.

The multi-picture

Discover all the products of an exhibitor thanks to a photo gallery presenting in detail the product exhibited from different angles.