UV water treatment for private pools and spas offers an effective, natural disinfection solution. It provides healthy, pure, chlorine-free water, without the need for manual treatment.

If you’d like to equip yourself with an efficient disinfection system for swimming pools or spas, our full range of freshwater UV reactors can be viewed online, and design calculations made on this page.

UV disinfection system for pools and spas

To guarantee optimum water disinfection, the principle of the UV treatment system is based on :

  • A UV-C disinfection device, installed on the filtration circuit, and through which the water circulates. Subjected to the radiation of the UV-C lamp, bacteria, viruses and algae are eliminated and no harmful by-products are produced.
  • A dosing pump also installed on the pool’s water treatment circuit.
  • Automatic pH control, to be added as an option, depending on pool volume or water temperature.
UV disinfection for pools and spas

Disinfection system benefits

In addition, producing healthy water, without any risk of contamination by microorganisms, UV water treatment is also part of an environmental approach:

  • For your health, water treatment without the addition of harmful pool products guarantees allergy- and respiratory-risk-free swimming (non-chemical).
  • It also provides additional value for the environment, ensuring crystal-clear, odor-free water.
  • The absence of chlorine makes for a safe, environmentally-friendly process.
  • UV treatment represents cost savings, thanks to extended plant lifetimes and simple, reliable, long-lasting equipment.
  • Last but not least, the system can be installed and maintained quickly and easily.

Design advice: UV disinfection for pools and spas

For swimming pools, the rule of thumb is often to change the water every 4 hours. So, for example, a 60 m³ pool should have a recirculation flow rate of 15 m³/h. A word of advice: check the flow rate of your pump before selecting a UV reactor.

On the UV reactors for fresh water page, many solutions are proposed (up to a unit flow rate of 130 m3/h). For higher flow rates, up to 130 m3/h, please contact us!

  • Select “Freshwater “
  • Select the water source to be processed, e.g.” Private pools and spas”.
  • Enter the flow rate to be processed (e.g., 15 m³/h)
  • Adjust the cost of electricity in your country (for example 0.09€ for France; 0.23€ for Germany)
  • Let 30 mJ / cm² (or adapt)
  • Specify the temperature of the water (normally, between 5 and 40°c is sufficient)
  • Please enter your email address, we will send you the design right away

As a general rule, pool water is clear, so transmittance > is 95%. However, further investigation is recommended if :

  • You want to treat the water in a natural swimming pool,
  • Your water looks cloudy,
  • Your filtration system is a bit limited

In any case, to ensure optimal disinfection and to determine whether prefilters are necessary, it is recommended that a source water analysis be performed with these parameters:

  • Iron
  • Hardness
  • Turbidity
  • Manganese
  • Suspended solids (TSS)
  • UV Transmittance
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