Aquatic ecosystems

Technologies for aquaculture systems

We design and manufacture advanced modular biofilter, filter and disinfection systems for a wide variety of aquaculture applications.

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Advanced solutions for aquaculture systems

Technical equipments

Improve the quality of your water with our mechanical filters, UV and their integrated control systems.

Technologies and applications

Find out, for each technology, how to adapt it to your specific needs.

Engineering and design

Work directly with our engineering team to configure the right solution for your system.

Design online

Enter your project settings, 1H2O3 will offer you a reliable selection of suitable products..

Introducing crustacean holding systems

Sized for retail or large distribution centers

1H2O3’s advanced recirculating filter systems are proven technology in the lobster world. Not only will an 1H2O3 filter improve water quality, but it will reduce mortality rates and lower water chilling costs for an easy return on investment.

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Integrate advanced filtration technology into your aquaculture operations

1H2O3’s team of technical engineers can design and build a filtration system to your needs and specs. With our experience in aquaculture, 1H2O3’s experts find ways to save time, water, and energy with a customized filter solution.

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