Technologies for aquaculture systems

We are developing and manufacturing modular aquatic biofilter, filtration and disinfection systems for a wide variety of aquaculture applications.

Advanced solutions for aquaculture systems

Technical equipments

Improve the quality of your aquatic systems with our bacterial media, drum filters, UV and integrated control systems.

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A variety of applications

For each application, discover how to maintain the water quality necessary for the well-being of your aquatic residents.

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Studies and conception

Work directly with our engineering team to configure the right solution for your system.


Design online

Enter the details of your project, 1H2O3 will propose you a reliable selection of suitable devices.

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Solutions for fish ponds

Designed for small and large stores

Do you want to improve your productivity? Our solutions have a high return on investment! A 1H2O3 filter will not only enhance water quality, but will also reduce mortality rates and water temperature maintenance costs. Our advanced filtration and recirculation systems have proven themselves in shellfish tanks.

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Incorporate sophisticated filtration technology into your aquaculture operations

1H2O3’s team of technical engineers can conceive and build a custom filtration system, integrating your constraints and specifications. Our experts will give you the keys to save time, water and energy with a customized and easy-to-operate filtration solution.

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Let's start today!

Whether it’s a simple drum filter or a complete custom recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), our engineers can help you select the perfect combination of equipment for your needs.

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