Definition of aquaculture and recirculating systems

Why is aquaculture so important nowadays?

The answer is simple: it’s all about keeping our food supply safe. With a growing world population, consumer expectations for animal proteins, especially fish, are higher than ever. Even in times of economic crisis, men, women and children need to eat. A nutritious, protein-rich diet is required to keep the population growing from getting sick. Unfortunately, the high demand cannot be matched by the capacity of the oceans. In this situation, aquaculture provides a solution to the deficit.

Frequently known as ocean farms, these methods are used to raise fish, crustaceans and other aquatic organisms. With pressure from overfishing and dwindling fish stocks in the oceans, aquaculture is growing considerably in importance. It provides a long-term solution to the world’s growing demand for seafood products.

So what role does it play in the food sector?

Aquaculture is not just an alternative to traditional fishing; it represents a technological and ecological breakthrough. With a controlled growing environment for aquatic organisms, farmers can ensure consistent, high-quality production. This way, they can reduce the negative impact on the environment significantly. In addition, with modern aquaculture techniques, water is recycled, reducing freshwater consumption.

In this section, we are going to make a presentation of the aquaculture in general with the following subjects:
  • Aquaculture and fish farming: what is the difference between these two concepts?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of its use?
  • History of aquaculture
  • Types of aquaculture

One of the most consumed sources of protein in the world iswe can refer to white meat. However, this model also applies to fish and other aquatic organisms protein source, .

Harvesting from wild sources of fish, shellfish and other aquatic species is inadequate to meet the demand presented by growing human populations. Attempting to meet demand through commercial fishing could lead to overfishing and the complete loss of these species.

Therefore, it also provides relief to wildlife so that they can continue to be an important source.

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