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The design of a UV disinfection

In order to ensure the quality of the water and to keep it free of bacteria and other micro-organisms, it is common to use UV technologies. The water flows through tubes in which it is exposed to UV radiation at a wavelength that is destructive to DNA. The UV dose is the important parameter, because this dose guarantees a correct inactivation of the bacteria.

It is common to measure UV transmission at 10 cm. This value indicate the residual dose at 10 cm depending on the water clarity. The clearer the water, the closer the transmittance is to 100% and the more impotent the diffusion of the inactivating charge is.

In the UV reactor design form, the doses generally encountered have been pre-set. For more reliability, it is suggested to have a transmittance measurement performed, as TSS, iron and turbidity can alter the UVC passage.

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