Sizing tools

There is nothing better than practice to understand!

How to size an equipment?

That’s what this rubric is all about! In this section, we will make sizing tools available, either in written form or via online spreadsheets.

Some areas are unfortunately too sensitive and competitive, and our members do not want their publications to be visible to everyone (especially their competitors), so some of the tables are only accessible to registered members.

In any case, if you want a sizing for your project, you can write to us via this contact form!

We also hope that this platform will be a place of privileged exchanges, so we count on your constructive comments to improve the sizing information, good practices, there is so much to say!

Here is the list of available sizing sheets!

  • The equivalent inhabitants

In-store equipment

In the Shop section, you will find all the equipment proposed by our members. Now that you have sized the equipment you needed for your project, you can order it directly, or contact us for more information!