Modular water treatment skids

1h2o3 designs and manufactures modular water treatment skids for a wide variety of applications: aquaculture, municipal and industrial sanitation.

MBBR BOX: the only solution combining high processing performance and modularity!

Water technologies in 3 standardized formats

A 1H2O3 package consists of a set of insulating boxes called BOXes, each of which can contain a different technology from those listed below.

In addition, these boxes fit together to form the custom processing unit dedicated to each project.

Each box is available in 3 sizes: S, M and L

Noble materials, optimized volumes for transport

Easy to use, the 1H2O3 package is light and resistant thanks to its 60 mm honeycomb polypropylene walls. Indeed, its dimensions are optimized for a transport without additional cost by :

– truck

– container

– helicopter

An insulating, anti-slip cover, equipped with a carbon filter

For outdoor installations, the BOXes can be equipped with an insulating, non-slip, waterproof cover and a carbon filter for deodorization.

In addition, the hoods help protect the biology from the action of the sun, and also serve to conserve heat and prevent falling.

Each BOX can be combined with many other BOXes to create a unique package, in order to meet the needs of specific requirements for each project whilemeeting the discharge quality objectivesrequired for all communities and industries. Thus, each one can create a customized treatment solution.

The different technologies for sanitation

Here is the list of technological boxes useful in collective sanitation. Their combination allows to create the ideal assembly adapted to each project. All BOXes can be completed with optional equipment and probes.

Discover all packages

Modularity x processing efficiency = 1h2o3 packages!

Solutions for municipal and industrial sanitation

Sized for container integration

Whether for the extension of existing treatment plants or for new construction, 1H2O3 packages offer a wide choice of technologies, volumes and combinations.

Indeed, with the help of standardized BOXes, creating THE treatment plant adapted to your specific needs is as easy as putting together LEGO bricks!

Packaged units 1H2O3

Choose your BOXes for pre-treatment, primary treatment, biological treatment with the MBBR BOX, and final treatment.

Each box is available in 3 sizes: S, M and L

The MBBR boxes, filtration, decantation...

Installation: whatever the size of your 1H2O3 skid, you have many options!

Integration into concrete vats

Whether it is for the rehabilitation of an old wastewater treatment plant or for a new project, our BOXes are also proposed in custom-made kits to be mounted in concrete tanks.

This solution is particularly interesting for saving on shipping costs.

Customized sanitation design
MBBR boxes, filtration, decantation...

Prefabricated packages, several possibilities

The solutions in the form of complete packages have been developed to meet the stability requirements in all possible configurations:

  • Completely buried packages
  • Partially enclosed packages (1.10 m overhang)
  • Open packagings
Packaged units for sanitation
Equipment for aquaculture

Modular skids to simplify your work



3 standard sizes more than 10 treatment technologies over 100,000 possible combinations!






Complete plug&play package delivered quickly, easy to install and start



A patented system combining performance and savings

With it are added the structural performances of the packages

Corrosion resistance

Designed to last for years

Highly energy-efficient

Easy access by anti-slip cover

Hood capable of supporting the weight of a man

Optional off-grid power supply

Worldwide delivery

Whether by road, sea or air, we will always have a solution to deliver your packages

We have designed all our boxes so that they can be delivered by conventional means of transport, without generating additional costs.

By truck

In standard convoy or on tautliner truck

By container

In 20 HC or 40 HC, anywhere in the world thanks to its compactness

By helicopter

In unitary boxes not exceeding 1T of load

Eco-design integrated in all packages

  • Noble and 100% recyclable materials
  • High thickness levels, ensuring long package life
  • Low power consumption, compatible with decentralized power supply such as solar energy
  • Advanced treatment performance, with nitrification and denitrification
  • Economy of functionality services: rental, insurance
  • A revaluation of the expired packages

And that’s not all! Not only are our packages eco-designed to minimize their impact over their entire life cycle, but our business practices are also aligned with our environmental values

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Whether it’s a simple drum filter or a complete custom recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), our engineers can help you select the perfect combination of equipment for your needs.

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