Our commitments

We attach great importance to environmental protection.

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Our equipment is subject to very strict quality criteria

Both our products and those of our partners are designed for a long service life. The building materials are mainly recyclable and do not present any threat to the environment or users.

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Our lightweight structure allows us to offer the best prices

The most significant barrier to the implementation of environmental protection solutions is the price. To guarantee lower prices for all, we maintain a low structure. In addition, we only take a small commission in return for our online design work and international visibility. Finally, we offer our own range of modular products to limit the number of intermediaries.

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Our international activity generates very little travel

Transportation-related CO2 emissions account for about a quarter of global emissions. Behaving sustainably means reducing trips. We have chosen to provide as much information as possible online, and we work mainly by video conference. We do not have vehicles. When we travel, we use public transport and car rental.

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Our offices are operated with green electricity

Green energy is our future. We supply our offices from a renewable, ecological and local source.