UV disinfection applied to algae treatment

« Mon eau est verte ». Oui, ça arrive souvent sans recirculation et sans traitements 🙂 Heureusement il y des solutions pour le traitement des algues.

How can you prevent algae proliferation?

Stagnant water leads to bacterial and algae colonization. UV treatments allow the quality of stored water to be maintained. So the water doesn’t turn green.

To achieve this, the UV reactor must be correctly sized. The most important criterion for algae treatment is the dose applied:

>30 mJ/cm²

The next step is to circulate the water through the UV reactor.

If the water you need to treat is salty, use PEHD reactors; for fresh water, stainless steel reactors are perfect.

Algae treatment for large volumes of water

In this configuration, good recirculation is essential. Size your pumping system according to the temperature of your water:

    • Temperature / 2 = pumping time.
    • Temperature > 28° = continuous operation

Example for a 100 m³ basin: for water at 22 degrees, the recommended recirculation time is 11 hours. The pumping rate is 100 / 11 = 9.1 m³/h.

Now you know the flow rate and dose to choose, all you have to do is fill in the form.

Algae treatment for punctual water withdrawal

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s probably because you want to use an existing water point to supply water to your process, but your problem is that the water is green (especially in summer).

In this case, you probably already have a withdrawal pump and know its flow rate.

To use this green water and make it transparent, you’ll need filters upstream of the UV reactor, and place the reactor as close as possible to the water’s point of use.

Some reactors come with built-in filters: the UV HOME range.

For your sizing, take into account the pressure drop indicated on each piece of equipment (generally 0.6 bar per filter).

Now that you know the flow rate of your pump, the pressure of your network and the dose to choose (30 mJ/cm²), all you have to do is fill in the form!

Sizing form for UV disinfection applied to algae treatment

  • Select ” Drinking water / Sterilization “.
  • Select “Maintain stored water quality”.
  • Enter the flow rate to be processed (e.g. 9.1 m³/h)
  • Adjust for the cost of electricity in your country (e.g. €0.09 for France; €0.23 for Germany)
    Let 30 mJ / cm² remain
  • Specify the temperature of the water (normally, between 5 and 40°c is sufficient)
  • Please enter your email address, we will send you the design right away

For higher flow rates, up to 130 m3/h, please contact us!

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