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Complete recirculated system

Do you wish to design a RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) specific to your needs? ​

Perfect, you’ve come to the right place! We manufacture modular “plug & play” recirculating aquaculture systems and, to offer you the best technical and economical solution, we need to have pretty accurate information about your project. 

Why do we need this information? Because sizing a RAS is not that simple. 

Indeed, it is about creating a pleasant growing environment for all organisms: fish and other inhabitants of the biofilter. Also, the recirculating system must be competitive, both in terms of acquisition and operating costs. Besides, it must be “flexible”, i.e. able to handle peak loads. We have the equipment for that. Besides, they are completely dismountable and completely accessible for washing. Therefore, to offer you the best solution, we need fairly precise information. Thanks to this form to design a RAS, you will be able to directly calculate the key parameters of your project ( flow, production…). Have fun with it!

RAS design

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