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What is Aquaponics?

It is a combination of aquaculture, which consists in raising fish and other aquatic animals, with hydroponics which involves cultivating plants that require no soil.

The culture uses both these elements in synergy, which means that the plants are feeded with the rejects or the waste of the aquatic animals. In exchange, the plants purify and clean the water that is returned to the fish. 

This is a closed-loop farming and culture technique. The fish farmed is used to feed the plants in hydroponic plants.

Fish generate water pollution. Natural bacterial flora will transform this contamination into necessary nutrients for the plants growth.

In this way, this method combines the aquaculture with plants cultivation in water. It is therefore an ecological and natural way to produce food. 

The following parts are covered:

In such a symbiotic environment, all the water and nutrients are being used and recycled to their full potential. In the end, it allows to produce healthy products without pesticides, fresh, local and seasonal.

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