BioUV lamp indicator

 19,20 26,40 HT

Lamp indicator: 5V LAMP WITH LED for BioUV series.

  • UV10, UV20, UV30, UV40
  • UV170, UV250, UV 340
  • UV3000 HO; UV3205 HO; UV4205 HO; UV5205 HO; UV6205 HO; UV6273 HO
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Some BioUV reactors are equiped with a lamp on the hood.

To ensure the durability of your UV disinfection reactors, we advise you to replace these components when they become worn. Werecommend the use of original equipment manufacturers for maintenance.

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  • Pools
  • Spa
  • Aquariums and freshwater ponds
  • Aquaponics
  • Aquaculture / freshwater fish farming
  • Specifically, all fresh and clear waters containing less than 20 mg/L of TSS, NTU < 1, and iron < 0,1 mg/L

The UV germicidal bulbs disinfect the water effectively. This space-saving solution offers protection against leakage, temperature fluctuations, fouling and breakage. A UV disinfection reactor with good UV quartz sleeves can prevent environmental damage permanently.

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