Anti-vibration cup

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Anti-vibration cup: protection of UV quartz sleeves before 2008 for BioUV systems

  • UV10, UV20, UV30, UV40
  • UV170, UV250, UV 340
  • UV3000 HO; UV3205 HO; UV4205 HO; UV5205 HO; UV6205 HO; UV6273 HO
  • UV HOME 2, 3, 4, 6, 9
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Every BioUV sterilizer has a receptacle at the bottom of the reactor to hold the quartz sleeve. It is this anti-vibration cup that gives the spring effect. This part is made of 2 caps that fit together. It concerns all reactors before 2008. Since 2008, another part replaces them, the quartz guide.

A damaged or worn cup can cause the following damage:

  • broken quartz sleeve during maintenance,
  • Poor joint seal at the quartz sleeve level

To ensure the durability of your UV disinfection reactors, we advise you to replace these components when they become worn. We recommend the use of original equipmentmanufacturers for maintenance.

How do I know if the anti-vibration cup is damaged?

Here’s a list of reasons that should alert you:

  • Your quartz sleeve is damaged
  • When you place the quartz sleeve in the reactor, it remains in place for a few mm
  • You do not feel the bounced effect when you place the new quartz sleeve.

Our feedback: if you have very old reactors (more than 10 years), then check this point carefully.

If you have any doubt about your cup, please contact us and specify the model of the device, its serial number and, if possible, send us a picture.

Replacement of the anti-vibration cup

Before any intervention, remember that :

  1. The device must be disconnected from the power supply before any intervention.
  2. Any intervention on the electrical part of the device must be carried out by a qualified and authorized person.
  3. The light generated by a UV lamp must be carefully protected from direct or indirect view.

When should you replace?

Only when the anti-vibration cup is no longer elastic.

What is the procedure for replacing the cup?

Materials needed:

    • Anti-vibration cup

After stopping and securing your installation, you just have to:

  1. Open the bypass and close the reactor feeds
  2. Remove the hydraulic fittings
  3. Purge your reactor
  4. Remove the bottom connection
  5. Remove the cable plug to release the lamp cable.
  6. Remove the reactor hood
  7. Unplug the ballast connector.
  8. Remove the lamp and then the sleeve.
  9. Opposite the sleeve, at the bottom of the reactor, you have a small receptacle, in which the cup (the cups if you have several lamps) must be installed
  10. After installation, repeat the steps in the opposite order
View of a quartz sleeve installed without anti-vibration cup 1h2o3
Close-up view of a quartz sleeve installed without anti-vibration cup 1h2o3
Receptacle for anti-vibration cup 1h2o3
Hydraulic connection to be removed to access the anti-vibration cup 1h2o3

Available at any time:

Delivered with: Assembly instructions

  • Pools
  • Spa
  • Aquariums and freshwater ponds
  • Aquaponics
  • Aquaculture / freshwater fish farming
  • Specifically, all fresh and clear waters containing less than 20 mg/L of TSS, NTU < 1, and iron < 0,1 mg/L

The UV germicidal bulbs disinfect the water effectively. This space-saving solution offers protection against leakage, temperature fluctuations, fouling and breakage. A UV disinfection reactor with good UV quartz sleeves can prevent environmental damage permanently.

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