Different models of drum filters

There are different models of drum filters depending on the type of filtration you wish to install in your system.

Filter model : Open version

There are several types of drum filters. Closed filter models can be found, but also open models. Enclosed models will be surrounded by a tank to protect them and will operate either by gravity or by pumping. This filter model will be used for ponds that are lifted out of the ground. For in-ground ponds, you will not be able to use a gravity drum filter. You have two options: If you have chosen the second option, here are a few lines to introduce you to the principle and advantages of this version: The open version of the drum filter is similar to the closed version. However, it does not have a tank surrounding it. It is therefore integrated directly into the ground, in order to be at the level of the water of the basin. This option will save you energy and money, as the version without the drum filter is also cheaper.

Independent version with stainless steel tank

Independent version with stainless steel tank is a version of the filter that can stand on its own. Therefore, it is easily fitted. Moreover, it has the advantage of being able to be installed wherever you want. Stainless steel tank ensures a long life for your appliance.

With this filter model, you will save valuable time and money.

Filter model in anti-corrosion tank version

Corrosion resistant tank provides a much longer life than its peers in the most corrosive environments with water or salt air. This type of drum filter often avoids metal parts which are the target of corrosive agents. Plastic components are preferred. Metal components are limited to the essentials.
Nozzles can be made of ceramics. Therefore, they will resist corrosion for many years.

Modular filter design: diameter and length

The modular design is a customized filter design. Are you considering customizing your own drum filter design?

this option is for you. Of course, it is based on a drum filter model. Of course, it is based on a drum filter model.

For the basins, you will be able to realize drums of smaller sizes than the standard range. So you can treat even your smallest installations. But you will also find your happiness if you are looking for a larger drum. It will be suitable for large areas of drainage.

Perhaps you are planning to expand your farm in the near future? You can therefore design a larger, custom-made drum filter to meet this future demand as well.

Improve the performance of an existing filter?

If your drum filter is not performing as expected, it may be due to several factors:

  • the filter is not submerged enough;
  • the filter chamber is poorly constructed;
  • the actual flow rate is higher than the one used for the design;
  • the suspended solids load is higher than the design load;
  • the filter mesh is clogged with lime deposits or other deposits;
  • the backwash pump does not deliver sufficient pressure;
  • the spray nozzles might be blocked…
Fortunately, it is possible to overcome many of these problems and achieve a concentration much higher than a few hundred mg/L.

The video shows an open channel drum filter placed in the loop of a recirculating aquaculture. The concentrations reached range from 2000 to 9000 mg/L (depending on several parameters). If your current drum filter does not deliver this performance, it can be upgraded to come close. The first step is to send us the documentation of your current filter, the motor ratings and photos and videos of the current operation. One of the most common upgrades we make is to modify the filter control system.

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