Benefits of the filters

Extreme reduction in filter maintenance

One of the advantages of the 1h2o3 drum filter is that it offers an extreme reduction in maintenance. They are equipped with a great autonomy requiring very little attention, thus respecting your expectations.

At 1H2O3, we know that our users are passionate about their ponds and the well-being of their fish. They don’t want to get involved in the technical details of filtration.

We have worked on classic wear parts such as chains, straps or even plastic sprockets, replacing them with an intelligent system based on a force transmission by sprocket. The main advantages of the filters are their special bearings, which are more resistant and therefore require less maintenance.

The washing processes are automatized. In addition, a wide range of special cleaning options will ensure that your filter will last a long time without the need for any attention. With applications such as intensive washing to prevent the formation of deposits.

Easy and economical replacement of the filter mesh

1H2O3 drum filters have a specific layout. This is because the mesh is directly fixed in the drum, which makes it easy to replace the screen. It can be replaced with any grid. It also allows significant savings on filter cells and panels. Without reducing the product’s effectiveness.
Another advantage with this type of filter is its ability to save water.

In conventional systems, the water rushing into the corners of the panel will be sent to the drum’s drainage pipe. This will result in greater water losses and less concentrated sludge..

High efficiency filtration: one of the advantages of filters

We have refined and improved our expertise to achieve the best performance in filtration. This results in an optimal reduction of water and energy waste. To achieve this level of efficiency, we had to make efforts in the development and technology of autonomous control, as well as in the selection of components. Obviously, this performance does not affect the filtration capacity of our drum filter.

It seems too good to be true? Allow us to explain quickly how we achieved this result with several advantages of the filters:

  • By immersing the drum filter deeper, the contact area between the filter and the water is increased. This way, during the washing process, it is possible to avoid cleaning areas that have not been filtered.
  • The control unit is an important feature. This system makes the rotation of the drum precisely controlled, thus guaranteeing the exclusive washing of the dirty components in counterflow.
  • Nous avons également mis en place un système de rinçage économique : Sous l’action du niveau d’eau, le tambour va réaliser des rotations partielles, qui auront pour incidence un rinçage sommaire, affranchie de buses de rinçage. This process is significant. It increases savings by a quarter compared to a conventional drum filter.
  • As explained earlier, the use of a direct assembly (without cells and filtration panels) allows for water savings.

Remote control application

We also offer you a major advantage filters which rely on a remote control system. This control is achieved through sensors that can be directly integrated into your network. This control is achieved through sensors that can be directly integrated into your network. This handling is possible thanks to the “WLAN” system with which the sensors in your machines are equipped. If an emergency occurs, you will also be informed directly on your smartphone. This technology combines monitoring and remote control to ensure your satisfaction.

With this technology, you will have the choice to manage your installation directly on site, or from your office without any difference. Of course, we’ve done our utmost to make this process as simple and convenient as possible.

For this reason, you will be able to place several of the 1H2O3 sensors, all of which can be handled on the same application.

Main benefits of the filters: Integration of the filter with the process sensors

Sensors are tools for observing the quality of your environment. There are many factors that influence your pond and the quality of your fish. They are used to measure physical and chemical parameters (temperature, water level, concentration of specific substances like nitrogen or dissolved carbon). Depending on the evolution of these factors, you will be able to react accordingly, in order to guarantee the good life of your pond.

Reliable and properly adjusted sensors are essential. This way, they can be integrated easily into the filter and offer an additional option.

Sensors are used to measure physical and chemical parameters such as water level, temperature or the concentration of specific substances such as dissolved oxygen. For any application, the reliability and accuracy of the measured values are essential for a perfect regulation or control.

Among these sensors you will find :

  • Dissolved oxygen ;
  • PH level;
  • Temperature;
  • Water level;
  • Redox potential level;
  • Combining oxygen level and air pressure monitoring;
  • Conductivity, showing the salinity.

Of course, these sensors will include a range that requires no more maintenance than our drum filter.

Combining the drum filter with other technologies

Sensors and remote control are very useful in fish farming facilities. This is even more true in larger facilities. However, in order to guarantee even more well-being to your little ones and an ever more impeccable quality, there is a range of technologies that can help you:

  • ” Oxygen filter ” to guarantee a sufficient level of O2 in your pool
  • “Low pressure diffuser”
  • “Gas flow regulator”.

These valuable tools are true to our values and are therefore very simple to integrate into your filtration system.

Standard and customized solutions

Our drum filters are already installed in many fish farms. But also grafted into existing installations such as wastewater treatment plants, thanks to its great flexibility of installation. This flexibility can still be supported by our qualified team in this field.

You can choose from our standard range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, 1H2O3 also provides a more customized filter design service. This way, with the extensive support of our engineering team, you will be able to obtain the optimal filter and integrate it into your installation.

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