Filtration applications

Many water treatment applications use drum filters. They are different on several parameters, especially the flow rate and the type (open/closed). Available in gravity and pumping versions, the techniques used have improved over time to become a vital element in many sectors and specific industrial applications. There are several applications of the drum filter. And at 1h2o3, we want to offer the best filtration experience with simple and effective techniques. These applications include:
  • Aquaculture filtering: essential to filter fine particles from the pond. This is to get rid of the clumped waste.
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment: to pre-treat the water and remove impurities from the raw water.
Among these, we have the treatment of sludge and deposits. after that, a tertiary treatment is required to purify the wastewater before it is released into the environment.
  • Wastewater reuse (REUT): to reduce pressure on water resources. These techniques apply to all types of wastewater such as :
-in well water -waste water from mining, carbon cleaning -industrial wastewater (even if they are subject to different regulations)

Drum filter application benefits for water treatment

The drum filter is a widely used water treatment equipment in wastewater and surface water treatment plants. Here are some advantages that can be observed when using it:

  • Filtration efficiency: with its ability to filter high quantities of water in a short period of time
  • Easy to use without requiring permanent user intervention
  • Cost reduction in maintenance and repair
  • Made with sustainable materials for everyday use
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