Standard turnkey process

Synoptic of a wastewater treatment plant

For each treatment process of a wastewater treatment plant, there is a standard turnkey process, called BOX. As a matter of fact, like a lego, these boxes fit into each other to form a custom-made processing unit dedicated to each project.
The number of different assemblies is almost unlimited! Choose your boxes and assemble your custom water treatment unit!

1 Tamisage

To mechanically remove large waste that cannot be eliminated by biological or physico-chemical treatment

2 Lifting station

In-line pumping lifts water while avoiding odors and protecting concrete

3 Grit removal

Sand removal allows the sand to be trapped at the head of the plant, thus protecting the downstream equipment. This sand can be revalued later

4 Oil remover

Separates the oil and grease fraction contained in the wastewater (high COD load) for further recovery.

5+6+7 Multi-chamber primary clarifier

All-in-one primary treatment: Sludge separation, denitrification, buffering and sludge storage

5 Buffer tank

Avoid hydraulic and organic overloads, smooth the treatment over time for better efficiency

6 Primary clarifier

To separate the primary sludge from the wastewater, and remove a large part of the TSS, COD and BOD5

7 Mud storage

To store and concentrate primary and biological sludge for final disposal, without generating bad odors

Biological treatment

MBBR technology provides advanced carbon and nitrogen treatment, as well as phosphorus bioassimilation

Lamellar settling

To separate suspended solids and concentrate the sludge, while eliminating the floating sludge fraction

11 Drum filtration

Ideal for achieving high TSS removal when flow rates are high and space is limited

UV disinfection

The purified water passes through a UV reactor that eliminates pathogens before it is released into the natural environment.


To avoid unpleasant odors, the stale air extracted from the different stages of the process is filtered on an activated carbon deodorizer.

14 Coagulation Floculation

Coagulation and flocculation are technologies used to agglomerate particles in order to better separate them



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