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Do you have specific constraints, such as limited space? You have developed a new idea, and you want a custom-made pilot unit? You need to treat high volumes of effluent and you wish to reuse existing concrete basins?

Our engineering team can help you conceptualize, design and initiate the custom manufacturing of complete equipment to meet your specific needs. From design to installation, 1H2O3 engineers will put their experience and know-how at the service of your projects.

How does it work? It is very easy. You submit your project to us, by sharing as many details as possible. In particular, we need to know your specific constraints and objectives. If we can’t help you (it happens), then we recommend certain companies or equipment. However, if we can assist you, then we will study your project in depth, and we will most certainly ask you for additional information. Then, we will propose you a succession of technologies (treatment process) necessary to reach the desired objective. Then, we will make 3D plans so that you can easily see the final rendering and footprint. Finally, we will take care of the custom production, within the given time and price.

custom-made lamellar settling box mbbr box 1h2o3
Custom designed lamellar decanter

Advanced technology

In addition to their high efficiency, the technologies we have selected are robust, simple to operate and maintain, and are generally more energy efficient and reactive than those commonly found in wastewater treatment plants. In addition, we voluntarily excluded certain equipment that did not meet our expectations in terms of circular economy and sustainable development. For example, we will not offer you fiberglass elements, as this material cannot be recycled. We prefer stainless steel, polyethylene and polypropylene because they are 100% recyclable materials.

Each remediation project has specific technical constraints, and no project are similar to another. That’s why we’ve built our business around engineering and custom manufacturing of purification systems for a multitude of industries.

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Our step-by-step engineering approach

Conceptualization sanitation custom manufacturing 1h2o3

Phase 1: System conceptualization

  1. Evaluation of the feasibility of the project by a specialist. This includes identifying the necessary technologies and pre-scaling them so that initial design approaches can be validated. The specific criteria will include treatment objectives, specified timeframes, an initial budget approach and site-specific constraints.
  2. Presentation of a water treatment process and the various water treatment equipment meeting the design criteria.
  3. Integration of the identified sizing criteria and design elements into a comprehensive conceptual plan for the entire facility. The conceptualization will include the selection of critical equipment, final process layout, scope of work, lead times and equipment cost estimates.

Phase 2: Detailed conception and project management

Once the expectations and input data are clearly defined, we will provide you with a complete sizing and 3D drawings. Thanks to our experience, we will also recommend all that will be required as ancillary works, as well as the technologies to be favored upstream and downstream of the system when necessary.

Once the plans are clearly defined, we will also send them to you in Autocad 2D format, if you have the need.

Design of RAS filters for aquaculture 1h2o3

The following design studies will be addressed:

  1. Characterization of the treatment system – discharge standards to be respected, specific constraints of the site, hydraulic and organic variations, exposure of the works to bad weather, UV, … Contracts related to the receiving environment, population increase, variation of production loads, parasitic water, temperature of the effluents.
  2. Specification and selection of the main equipment – complete treatment system (including basin volume, pre-treatment, primary treatment, recirculation, nitrification, denitrification, dephosphatation, lamellar decantation, filtration, UV disinfection…), self-monitoring and regulation equipment.
  3. Equipment and Piping Layout – detailed drawings of each process showing layout, elevations and major piping features, including a basic list of connecting parts.
  4. Arrangement of the equipments and the pipe system – detailed drawings of each process showing the layout, elevations and main features of the pipe system, including a basic list of the connecting parts.

Phase 3: Technical construction drawings approved by a consulting engineering firm if required

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Coagulation-floculation pour le traitemnt des eaux usées municipales et industrielles
Fabrication sur mesure coagulation floculation 1h2o3
DLC avec canalisation d'évacuation des boues transparente 1h2o3
DLC avec canalisation d'évacuation des boues transparente 1h2o3
fabrication sur mesure lavage de noisettes 1h2o3
Fabrication sur mesure lavage de noisettes 1h2o3
Assemblage d'un bloc lamellaire 1h2o3
Assemblage d'un bloc lamellaire sur mesure

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