Regulation on information requests

1H2O3 aims to be transparent as we reinvent trade to build a cleaner and more sustainable world. As part of this spirit of transparency, this regulation explains how we respond to requests for files or information concerning members of the 1H2O3 community.


Intellectual Property Regulations

This by-law does not constitute legal advice or a promise that 1H2O3 will respond specifically or reliably. 1H2O3 reserves the right to deviate from these practices at any time. This policy is part of our Terms of Use. The Terms constitute a legally binding contract between you and 1H2O3.

Member Files and Information 1H2O3

Before contacting 1H2O3 about records or information, please first verify that the information you are seeking is publicly available or request it directly from the 1H2O3 member concerned.

Certain information about 1H2O3’s buyers and sellers (collectively referred to as “1H2O3 Members” in this policy) and 1H2O3’s stores (collectively referred to as “Shops”), such as the name of a store, the public name of its owner, and the general terms and conditions of sale of the store, is public and available to anyone at any time. In addition, 1H2O3 members can access certain archives by logging into their accounts. For example, 1H2O3 vendors can access and download sales statements in. csv format, and all members can view their conversation history by visiting the relevant pages of their 1H2O3 accounts.

To learn more about the information collected by 1H2O3, please see ourPrivacy Policy.

1H2O3 requires a valid judicial procedure

Except in emergency situations or when consistent with our Terms of use,our Privacy Policy and applicable law, 1H2O3 requires the initiation of valid and sufficient legal proceedings (such as a subpoena or court order) to be compelled to disclose records or information about a 1H2O3 member.

The legal proceedings must contain sufficient personal information to enable 1H2O3 to identify the member’s account. A common name, for example, does not uniquely identify a member’s account. Your legal process must contain information such as an email address, transaction ID, username, shop name, or payment information.

Service at 1h2o3 of the initiation of legal proceedings to request access to member information

Before taking legal action and contacting 1H2O3, check where the member for whom you are requesting information is based.

All requests for member information must be made through a valid and sufficient legal process. We may expedite your request if, in addition to serving us with the appropriate legal process, you send a copy to [email protected].

Service of a judicial proceeding by these means is for the convenience of 1H2O3 only and does not entail the waiver of any objections, including lack of jurisdiction, subpoena power, or improper service.

Emergency Circumstances

If your request for information involves a life-threatening emergency or serious physical injury to a member of the 1H2O3 community or any individual, please contact your local police. If you are a police officer seeking information about such an emergency, please send an email to [email protected] from your official email address and provide the following details:

  1. Your name and position, the government agency for which you work, and your full contact information (government email address, telephone number, and fax number);
  2. A summary of the facts concerning the emergency, including how the situation poses a risk of death or serious physical harm to a 1H2O3 member or any person;
  3. The identity of the person (s) at risk;
  4. The specific files sought and the extent to which they relate to the urgency; and
  5. The reason why the legal process cannot be put in place and why records must be disclosed without delay.

Notification to member whose records are being researched

Where 1H2O3 is the subject of legal proceedings seeking to obtain records or information about a 1H2O3 member, 1H2O3 may notify that member, including by providing a copy of the legal proceedings. 1H2O3 may also allow the member sufficient time to appear and oppose the court proceedings, if necessary.

Requests for Witness Statements

1H2O3 does not provide expert witnesses for a trial or testimony. When 1H2O3 produces files, we provide a certified statement of authenticity from the records manager. A statement by a file manager is not required because the files are subject to automatic authentication.

Reimbursement of costs

1H2O3 may seek reimbursement of our costs directly incurred in the research for the gathering, collection, and preparation of files or information to be produced.

We are happy to provide this policy in the language of your choice, but it is important to understand that the French version of this document controls and governs your use of 1H2O3 services. You can change your language preference in your account settings.

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