Lamella clarifier and drum filter DLM-2M.DF 804 to 815

DLM-2M.DF lamella clarifier and drum filteravailable for rent with purchase option!

The combined clarifier-filter is a pragmatic solution offering double protection against organic load peaks, even during periods of heavy rainfall. Thanks to the combination of a lamella clarifier and a drum filter, our equipment offers high performance in the elimination of suspended solids, all in a compact and economical structure. A range of options make this combination ideal for a variety of applications, from wastewater and industrial water treatment to drinking water production.

Monobloc lamella clarifier DLM-M

  • Projected surface area: 52 m² (76 m² for drinking water)
  • Mirror surface area: 5.2 m².
  • Industrial water storage: 3.36 m3
  • Sludge storage: 1.78 m3
  • Sludge hopper inclination: 45°.
  • Settling volume: 6 m³.
  • 4 twin weir channels collection with siphonic partition
  • Lamellae inclination: 60°.
  • Lamellae spacing: 45 mm (30 mm for drinking water)

DF drum filter

  • Choice of filter mesh size : 10µm- 20µm – 30µm – 40µm – 60µm – 90µm
  • Made of stainless steel 316 L
  • Built-in bypass
  • Large volume of treated water storage
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The combined DL.FT lamella clarifier and drum filter is designed to offer an integrated water treatment solution, combining two of the most effective technologies in water purification. Its compact design means that it can also handle high flow rates during rainy periods without the need for a large machine. Whether in terms of materials, processing capacity or functional additions, every aspect of the system can be designed to align with the specific requirements of your project. In order to best define these specifications and provide you with a detailed proposal including an accurate quotation and 3D drawing, it’s important to fill in our design form.

The two technologies are integrated to ensure a smooth transition of water between the settling and filtration stages. An internal by-pass makes it possible to intervene on either piece of equipment without stopping operation. The large water storage capacity at the filter outlet is ideal for feeding a water reuse skid or for supplying industrial water equipment. A disinfection system can also be installed. To avoid the need to build an all-water system, an internal sludge collection tank can be integrated into the combination. To avoid the need to build an all-water system, an internal sludge collection tank can be integrated into the combination. This combined clarifier-filter allows :

  • efficient removal of organic particulate matter
  • finer filtration at the STEP outlet, enabling discharge
  • better absorb hydraulic loads, particularly during peak flows in rainy periods

In the tabs below, you’ll find some of the features specific to clarifier-filters. Here’s an overview of the various possible combinations of lamella clarifier and drum filters:.

Advantages of decantation-filtration technology

  • Complete treatment: The DL.FT offers end-to-end water treatment, combining lamella decantation to remove coarse particles and drum filtration to remove finer impurities.
  • Improved water clarity: The dual action of decantation and filtration ensures exceptionally clear water.
  • Space optimization: Integrating the two systems into one reduces the required footprint, ideal for installations with limited space.
  • Lower operating costs: The combined efficiency of the system reduces operating and maintenance costs.
  • High performance: the combination ensures superior processing performance compared to using each system individually.
  • Simplified installation: installing the combined system is simpler and less costly than installing two separate systems.
  • Adaptability to different water qualities: the combined system can effectively treat a wide range of water qualities, making it adaptable to different applications.
  • Energy efficiency: Thanks to the integrated design, the system uses energy more efficiently.
  • Easy maintenance: the combined system facilitates access for maintenance and cleaning, reducing downtime.
  • Durability and reliability: The handset is made from robust, 100% recyclable materials.

Benefits specific to 1h2o3

  • Enhanced filtration and decantation: This combination ensures effective removal of particulate pollution, down to MES <15 mg/L, even in the event of strong hydraulic variations.
  • Low maintenance: The combination of the two systems minimizes overall maintenance, thanks to features such as anti-clogging lamellae and a simple, robust drive system in the drum filter.
  • Water savings: the combined unit optimizes water use by recycling treated water for filter washing, making treatment more ecological and economical.
  • Robustness and durability: The combination of corrosion-resistant materials and robust construction ensures a long service life for the entire system.
  • Flexibility and customization: With numerous mesh size options for filters and adjustable features for decanters, the system can be adapted to specific needs.
  • Easy monitoring and control: the ability to monitor the system via PC or smartphone makes it easy to manage and optimize the treatment process.
  • Optimized space and storage: The efficient use of space thanks to the compactness of the combined system allows better layout and utilization of facilities.
  • Complete treatment: The combined system ensures complete water treatment, from initial sedimentation to fine filtration, for superior water quality.
  • Environmental compliance: The system meets strict water treatment standards, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Easy maintenance and access: With components designed for easy maintenance, including removable lamella blocks, the combined system simplifies maintenance operations.

Whether for a new installation or to complete an existing treatment :

    • Wastewater treatment
    • Industrial water treatment
    • Drinking water
    • Rainwater and runoff
    • Backwash of sand filters
    • Metals finishing
    • Mining
    • Groundwater
    • River pre-sedimentation

Lamella blocks :

  • Lamella thickness: 3 mm
  • Horizontal lamella spacing: 45 mm (30 mm for ACS drinking water lamellae)
  • Inclination: 60°
  • Lamella surface area: 1 m².

Double-channel trunking with siphon partition for :

  • Channel treated effluent to an outlet
  • Purge floating sludge via a separate outlet

Inlets and outlets

  • Choice of diameters and positions
  • Possibility of adding union fittings or collars/flanges
  • Possibility of integrating tappings for inserting probes or sampling valves, for example

Types of installation

  • Open channel version
  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Made of stainless steel 316 L

Lamella clarifier

  • Sludge removal
    • Gravity at the bottom of the structure, to which a pump or a solenoid valve can be connected (out of scope 1h2o3)
    • By pumping from the top: the decanter will be delivered with a submersible pump connected to the top of the decanter.
    • Both: pumping + draining
  • Floating sludge (to be removed periodically)
    • Attachment of a solenoid valve for the removal of floating sludge
      • On the decanter frame for DLM versions
      • Inside a housing for the DLME version
    • Automatic lamellae cleaning
      • Fixing the air ramp under the lamella, which is connected to a source of compressed air, to carry out periodic cleaning
    • Industrial water storage
      • Installation of the inclined bottom of the clarifier to constitute a storage of industrial water, outputs and connection according to your needs.

316L stainless steel drum filter

  • Filter mesh and size
    • The mesh fineness should be selected according to your needs. The most standard are: 10 µm-20µm – 30 µm – 40 µm – 60 µm – 90 µm
    • Several drum sizes are available: DF804 to DF815. Larger models are available on request.
  • Backwash pump: integration of one or more pumps with pre-filters to feed filter nozzles

General handset options

  • Inputs and outputs: to be defined for each project. All inlet can be equipped with :
    • Connection up to d63
    • of adhesive/flange: diameter at choice
  • Electrical control/command cabinet: The assembly can be delivered:
    • Without control cabinet
    • With a control cabinet
  • All-water tank: option for collecting and lifting sludge from the decanter and filter:
    • Without septic tank
    • With septic tank
  • Gateway: if 2 or more 1h2o3 units are present, access gateways can be installed.

Inlet and outlet with PP collars and flanges (instead of a single exit)

    • Water flow d160: recommended for pumped water supply. DN adaptation according to your needs.
    • Fresh water outlet d110
    • Floating sludge outlet d110

According to the options selected, you can also go for collars and flanges on these inlets/outlets:

    • Drain d63
    • High outlet of pumped sludge d63: recommended for pump option
    • Industrial water storage inlet/outlet:
    • Quick draining to the bottom of the lamellae


All over the world, 1h2o3 packages have dimensions compatible with transport in HC containers.


    • 10 to 14 weeks.

Once the order has been placed, the above-mentioned period runs (excluding weeks 31 to 34 and 51 to 52) from the date of receipt of payment and validation of the project plan (including all the options requested in the case of special requests). As soon as the equipment is ready, it will be shipped to you. A road transport requires approximately one week to set up, it can take up to 3 weeks for a container depending on the destination.

Available at any time:

    • Pictures of completed installations
    • 2D/3D Images
    • Technical data sheets

Given on delivery :

    • EC certificate or declaration of incorporation *
    • Leakage test report *
    • Assembly instructions
    • Operating Manual
    • Technical details *
    • List of spare parts and supplies *

* If applied

The reinforced construction allows to contain pressures, whether they come from the inside because of the water, or from the outside with the earth. Placed on a concrete slab, a package can be :

  • Completely buried
  • Partially buried (example: 1.10 m overhang)
  • Simply laid on the slabMBBR BOX enclosed or concealed installation options 1h2o3


    • 2 years, under normal conditions of use on parts, as defined at the time of the order.

Extended warranty :

    • This equipment can benefit from an extended warranty. The conditions of this extension are to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

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