Fees and Payment Regulations

Sellers may be charged a fee for using some of the 1H2O3 services. These fee and payment regulations explain your fees, invoices, taxes and how to pay them.

This regulation is part of our Terms of use. By opening a 1H2O3 store, you agree to abide by these rules and our Terms of Use.

1. Types of fees

Sellers may be required to pay the following types of fees:


Selling costs

A sales charge of CHF 20.00 will be charged for each item sold on 1H2O3.com or 1H2O3 mobile applications. You will only be charged for the creation or renewal of a product sheet; no charge for modifying a product sheet will be charged. You will only be charged for the creation or renewal of a product sheet; no charge for modifying a product sheet will be charged. Product sheets expire after three months. If you sell several copies of the same item, the original sales charge will be CHF 20.00, and the product sheet will automatically be renewed for CHF 20.00 per unit sold. The sales charge will be added to your 1H2O3 invoice. Attention, the costs of the sale are not refundable.

Automatic renewal. You can choose to enable 1H2O3’s auto-renew function. The product sheets that you select for automatic renewal will be automatically renewed at the end of each three-month sales period and a sales charge of CHF 20.00 will be charged for each product sheet until you cancel the automatic renewals. You can cancel automatic renewals at any time by selecting “Manual” instead of “Automatic” in the “Renewal Options” of the Product Data Sheet Manager. Once your cancellation has been made, you will be charged a fee for the current auction period only.

Transaction fees

When you make a sale on 1H2O3. com, you will be charged a transaction fee of 7% of the posted price for each product sheet. These transaction fees apply to the price indicated on the product sheet (which should include all applicable taxes) but not to delivery charges. To find out if you should include applicable taxes in the prices indicated on your product sheets, see the Taxes section below. Transaction fees will be added to your 1H2O3 invoice.


Advertising expenses

If you purchase an advertisement (what we call Product Data Sheet Promotion) through 1H2O3, you will be billed separately for advertising costs. Advertising costs vary according to the opportunities offered and will be clearly defined before you commit to buying an ad. You will be able to determine a daily budget for the promotion of your product sheets, and 1H2O3 will not charge you more than your daily budget. Advertising costs will be added to your invoice 1H2O3.



Digital VAT (Value Added Tax) charges

According to the legislation of some countries, when you sell a digital item that is automatically downloaded for a buyer based in the EU, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, New Zealand or India, 1H2O3 must collect and remit VAT (if in certain countries, other terms are used to refer to VAT, e. g. GST, we will use the collective term “VAT” to refer to VAT, GST and any other type of local sales tax) to the competent tax authorities depending on the rate applicable in the buyer’s country. 1H2O3 will automatically increase the amount invoiced to the purchaser of the digital item to collect the correct amount of VAT, and will pay this VAT to the tax authorities.


Foreign currency translation

All charges added to your invoice 1H2O3 are in Swiss francs. If you sell items for sale in a currency other than Swiss francs, the price of your item will be converted to Swiss francs only for the purpose of calculating transaction fees.

To avoid having to bear exchange fees, 1H2O3 recommends that you put your items on sale in the same currency as your bank account. Buyers will see the items in the currency of their choice. If you decide to sell in a currency other than your bank account, you will be charged a 2.5% fee based on the current market rate to transfer the funds to your bank account.


2. Fee bypass

Any action taken by a vendor to avoid paying fees is considered a cost bypass and is strictly prohibited by 1H2O3. This includes, for example, encouraging buyers to purchase an item from your 1H2O3 store through another site. The price displayed in each product description must be an exact representation of the sale. Sellers may not charge excessive shipping costs. Sellers may not change the price of the item after a sale to avoid 1H2O3 transaction fees, give false information about the geographic location of the item, or use another user’s account without permission.


3. Payment of your invoice 1H2O3

1H2O3 will send you an invoice at the beginning of each month. Invoice 1H2O3 will detail the amount due for the previous month’s fees and services. You must pay your 1H2O3 invoice in full within 15 days of the invoice date, or the account will be considered late for payment.

Sellers can pay their 1H2O3 bill manually by credit card, credit card, PayPal or by using the balance of their payment account.


4. Taxes

You are responsible for the collection and payment of all taxes associated with use and sales transactions through 1H2O3 services. All applicable taxes must be included in the prices indicated on your product sheets.

For digital items sold to buyers based in the EU, Norway, Russia, Russia, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, New Zealand or India, 1H2O3 will help you collect and remit VAT as described above in the Digital VAT (Value Added Tax) Fees section.

Please note that the 1H2O3 fee does not include any withholding taxes that may apply in your country. Payment of the full 1H2O3 fee is mandatory and you are not allowed to deduct any taxes withheld at source. Note also that some countries require that 1H2O3 charge VAT on some of the fees that apply in accordance with this regulation, and that the fees described in this regulation do not include this VAT.


We are happy to provide this policy in the language of your choice, but it is important to understand that the French version of this document controls and governs your use of 1H2O3 services. You can change your language preference in your account settings.

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