Biological treatment applications

There are many applications of biological treatment in wastewater treatment. As a reminder, it is used to destroy organic compounds contained in water.

Therefore, it is a important step after the mechanical filtration of water by drum filters. Il will prevent contamination by pathogens at the entrance of a fish farm.

In addition, the type of biological treatment adopted for the treatment depends on several parameters:

  • aerobic treatment
  • anaerobic treatment
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Different forms of additional treatment for biological water treatment

Biological treatment can be accompanied by other additional treatments such as:

  • chlorination: adding chlorine to drinking water to kill parasites, bacteria and viruses.
  • UV treatment which is an efficient way to disinfect water. It applies in several areas such as:
      • domestic use
      • municipal and industrial wastewater

UV is also growing rapidly as a safe and cost-effective alternative to chemical disinfection.

Conditions of use of biological treatment can therefore be categorized in three forms:

  • Aerobic environment – it is an environment where microorganisms need oxygen to decompose organic matter into :

      • carbon dioxide

      • microbial biomass

  • Anaerobic process that uses bacteria to help organic matter deteriorate in an oxygen-free environment.

  • Anoxic area: where microorganisms need other molecules than oxygen to grow. We can mention for example the elimination of sulfates, nitrates, nitrites, selenates and selenites.

And among the applications of biological treatment, we can mention :

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