Benefits of using biological treatment

The biological treatment of water uses microorganisms to clean the water from contaminants. This method offers numerous advantages compared to traditional wastewater treatment methods.


MBBR technology exhibits a very high level of compactness. With these media, it can ensure stronger filtration and always require less space. It is estimated to be 3 times more compact than activated mud technology.


Cost-effectiveness is also one of the benefits of biological treatment technology. When compared to other facilities, the maintenance and operating costs are moderate.

Easy to use

This technology has a large scale of efficiency, to accommodate any requirement. This benefit allows the company to adjust more easily to legislative changes regarding the rate of rejection.

Sustainable system

Designed with durable materials, the media serves as a habitat for bacteria. They have a long lifespan, often exceeding 10 years.

High resistance

By attaching themselves, the bacteria become more resistant to currents and changes in load. This adaptation makes them particularly efficient and robust.

Convenient to use

The biological treatment technology features a system that requires the same level of simplicity as activated sludge plants.

Health friendly

This technology uses bio-remediation, an ecological and healthy method for treating water. It is therefore environmentally friendly and beneficial for health.


This flexible technology easily integrates into any water treatment system, thereby enhancing its efficiency. It is ideal for optimizing water purification.


This machine is both efficient and convenient. It eliminates the need for polymer and reduces the solids discharged after treatment. As a result, the sludge contains less water, improving energy efficiency.

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