Stainless steel filtering mesh for drum filter

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Stainless steel filtering mesh for drum filter

The filtering mesh for 1h2o3 drum filters is a robust and effective solution to enhance the performance of your filtration system. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this mesh ensures exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, providing reliable filtration for various applications. According to your needs, we offer various sizes of filtering mesh, all made from stainless steel and featuring the following characteristics:

  • High-Quality Material
  • High Filtration Performance
  • Karcher Resistance
  • Easy Installation

You can directly order these meshes based on the type of 1h2o3 filter and mesh size here:

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  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium stainless steel, this filtering mesh provides exceptional corrosion resistance, ensuring a long product lifespan.
  • High Filtration Performance: The mesh structure enables precise filtration, capturing fine particles and ensuring clear and clean water.
  • Karcher Resistance: Thanks to its durability, this stainless steel filter mesh can be cleaned using a Karcher.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the filter mesh is straightforward and swift, facilitating a hassle-free upgrade to your existing filtration system.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Choose from Stainless Steel 304 or 316L. 316L is recommended for sanitation or for use with salty water.
  • Mesh Diameter: Choose the mesh fineness you desire.
  • Dimensions: Select your drum filter model, and we will send you the mesh cut to size.

Maintenance Guidelines:

  • Regularly clean the filtering mesh to ensure optimal performance, such as with a pressure washer.
  • Every six months, use a sprayer to apply a small amount of acid for cleaning.
  • Inspect the condition of the mesh during maintenance to detect any potential cracks or damages. Recommended replacement every 2 years (adjustable based on filtration quality).

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Stainless Steel Filtering Mesh for Drum Filters
  • Installation and Maintenance Guide

Note: Dimensions and specifications may vary depending on the model. Please check the specific details before making a purchase.

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