Spare parts for PPP pumps

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Spare parts for PPP pumps

Peristaltic metering pumps (PPP pumps) are essential in many industries for the accurate batching of liquids. To ensure a smooth-running, long-lasting machine, it’s absolutely necessary to know your spare parts and maintain them regularly. Here is a list of the main spare parts for this pump:

  • Peristaltic tube or hose: This is the central part of the pump where the liquid is pumped. Built in corrosion-resistant materials, it should be replaced as soon as the first signs of wear appear. Solva is a PVC-based hose that has been chemically modified to make it compatible with oilseeds, greasy products, some hydrocarbons, polymers and so on. It has excellent mechanical properties, which make this hose also suitable for viscous products (10. to 20,000 mPas). What’s more, it’s food-grade. Operating life: approx. 10,000 h at 0.5 bar, 140 rpm
  • Lubrication grease: to extend the working life of the lubrication tubes, it is necessary to lubricate the outside of the rollers.

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