Monobloc Clariflocculator CFE-M.DLE-M

Coagulation + flocculation + lamella settling CFE-M.DLE-M – eligible for rental with purchase option!

Equipped with an insulating PP honeycomb frame and an internal bypass, the entire unit is a complete custom-made block of 45 mm spaced slats at a 60° angle, with a choice of inlet and outlet positions and two compartments:

Coagulation flocculation CFE-M

    • Total volume:8 m3
    • Flow divider outlet: 3 x d110
    • Coagulation vats stirrer: 200 rpm 0.37kW tri. Can be modified
    • Coagulation vats stirrer: 60 tr/min 0.37kW tri. Can be modified

Lamella clarifier DLME-M

  • Projected area: 26 m²
  • Industrial water storage: 1,68 m3
  • Sludge storage: 0.86 m3
  • Settling volume: 6 m3
  • 2 twin weir channel collection system with siphonic septum
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The monobloc clariflocculator CFE-M.DLE-M is an equipment taking care of several combination of neutralization, coagulation, flocculation and lamella decantation. This standardized equipment can be customized with many options: position of inlets and outlets, type of connections, type of agitators…

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Reduce the footprint of your drinking water or industrial water treatment facilities with the physico-chemical treatment of the CFE-M.DLE-M monobloc clariflocculator.

With its compactness and a total volume of 8 m3, composed of a coagulation tank, a flocculation tank and a lamella clarifier with a projected surface area of 26 m², the CFE-M.DLE-M monobloc clariflocculator is suitable for outdoor use. It is supplied with a removable hood which allows:

  • to prevent seaweed growth in the weir channel,
  • prevent the introduction of external debris such as dead leaves

This reinforced hood can support the weight of a man, is non-slip and easy to handle.

The whole outer structure is made of high quality honeycomb plates with UV protection, which keeps the heat in and resists UV attacks.

You will find below some characteristics specific to the monobloc clariflocculators of the 1h2o3 range and the advantages of the CFE-M.DLE-M:

Benefits of clarifloculation technology

  • Advanced technology: clariflocculation is the combination of several processes including coagulation-flocculation, decantation and sludge thickening, all using a clariflocculator.
  • Reduced footprint: Clarifloculation technology allows water to be treated in a smaller area due to its increased settling speed.
  • Phosphorus and suspended solids removal: clariflocculation also allows a partial reduction of COD and BOD5
  • Easy to operate: once the correct dosages have been set, the clariflocculator works continuously and only needs a small amount of operation

Specific advantages of 1h2o3 clariflocculators

  • Custom-made: All our clariflocculators are custom-made so that you can adapt them to your specific needs (position and type of inlets/outlets, volumes of neutralization/coagulation/flocculation tanks).
  • High resistance: Our clariflocculators are made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene and can withstand the entire pH range.
  • Drinking water compliance: Some countries require specific materials for drinking water applications (NSF-61, ACS, DVGW, SVGW..). We can adapt the materials of our clariflocculators to meet your specific regulations.
  • Internal bypass: when the volume is separated into two compartments, each of them can be isolated by an internal bypass device (except CFC.DLC). It is therefore possible to operate only on one tank while the other is being emptied, for example.
  • 3 installation methods: thanks to the thickness of the polypropylene walls, the tanks can be installed fully buried, partially buried or simply placed on a slab.
  • Outdoor use: to save space in the factory, the tanks can be equipped with anti-slip covers and their walls reinforced by an anti-UV treatment
  • Reinforcement of the bottom of the tanks: some very sandy waters have a very important abrasive power. In this case, the reinforcement of the bottom of the tank with a very hard material is recommended.
  • Eco-design: Unlike fiberglass, all materials used in our equipment are 100% recyclable.
  • Specific industrial applications: triple skin tank, high temperature fluids… Everything is possible, just ask us!
  • Storage of industrial water: The bottom of the lamella clarifier can be used to store treated water. It is useful when you have a strainer to feed at the head of the plant for example or to carry out a chlorination.
  • Lamella thickness: while many suppliers offer lamellas with a thickness <1,5 mm, Our lamellas are 3 mm thick. This thickness makes the structure much more resistant to clogging due to lack of maintenance and prevents the risk of collapse.
  • Smoothed anti-clogging lamellae: All our clariflocculators are equipped with smoothed PVC lamellae, allowing a better sedimentation and offering a self-cleaning effect
  • Separate collection of floating sludge: our twin weir channel makes it possible to collect them separately:
    • decanted water: treated water
    • floating sludge: the floating fraction on the surface of lamella clarifiers which, if not collected separately, decreases efficiency in TSS, COD, BOD5.


    • 0,37kW, IP55, 3×400 V Motors
    • Rotation speed can be adjusted according to your instructions

Lamellae block:

  • Lamellae thickness: 3 mm
  • Horizontal lamellae spacing: 45 mm
  • Inclination: 60°.
  • Spacing between lamellae at 60°: 39 mm (optional)
  • Lamellae surface area: 1 m²

Twin weir channel with siphonic partition:

  • Treated effluent weir channel collection.
  • Floating weir channel collection.

Inlets and outlets

  • Water inlet d160: either on the left side (as shown) or on the right side
  • Clean water outlet d110 opposite to the inlet: either on the right (as shown) or on the left
  • Safety overflow d160: either left or right (as shown)
  • Floating sludge outlet d110: either on the right (as shown) or on the left
  • Sludge outlet d63: either on the right (as shown) or on the left


  • Flat 3 mm thick PVC. For drinking water applications, we use materials that meet the regulations you specify (PE 100 for ACS).
  • Supports: 316L stainless steel

Weir channel:

  • Polyethylene


  • All the parts in contact with the liquid: stainless steel 316L


  • PVC/ PP


  • Internal and sole: 20 mm polypropylene
  • External: polypropylene foam >50mm
  • Stainless steel hood and cylinders.

Separate stirrers supply

  • If you have your favorite brand of stirrer you want to install yourself, you will get a discount for the 2 stirrers.
  • If you only want a large stirring tank, then you can order only one stirrer.

Installation of the clariflocculator

  • Industrial water storage layout according to your needs.
  • Lamella spacing as needed (base = 39 mm)
  • All entrances and exits can be equipped with :
    • connection up to d63
    • of adhesive/flange: diameter at choice

Sludge disposal

Floating sludge (which must be removed periodically):

  • Connection of a solenoid valve to remove floating sludge
    • On the clarifier frame for DL versions
    • inside a PP box for the DLE version

Available at any time:

    • Pictures of completed installations
    • 2D/3D Images
    • Technical data sheets

Given on delivery :

    • EC certificate or declaration of incorporation *
    • Leakage test report *
    • Assembly instructions
    • Operating Manual
    • Technical details *
    • List of spare parts and supplies *

* If applied


All over the world, 1h2o3 packages have dimensions compatible with transport in HC containers.


    • 10 to 14 weeks.

Once the order has been placed, the above-mentioned period runs (excluding weeks 31 to 34 and 51 to 52) from the date of receipt of payment and validation of the project plan (including all the options requested in the case of special requests). As soon as the equipment is ready, it will be shipped to you. A road transport requires approximately one week to set up, it can take up to 3 weeks for a container depending on the destination.

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