MBBR box 6N-M – Available for rent with purchase option!

Turnkey biological treatment with MBBR technology for:

  • A peak flow rate of 62 m3/h
  • A removal of 88 kg BOD5 per day with a discharge lower than 25 mg/L BOD5s at 12°C
  • A capacity of 720 PE with a discharge lower than 5 mg/L of BOD5s and NH4 at 12°C
  • A capacity of 1140 PE with a discharge lower than 5 mg/L of BOD5s and NH4 at 25°C
  • Removal of 231 kg CODs per day with 90% efficiency at 25°C

The MBBR box 6N-M package, which is suitable for pretreatment and/or tertiary treatment such as filtration or lamellar decantation, has the following characteristics :

    • Total volume: 46.2 m3
    • Developed area: 18000 m²
    • Dimensions L x P x H: 12649 x 2300 x 2290
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The MBBR or Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology implements bacterial supports, called MBBR media or “fluidized bed reactor“, bacteria buildings in a way that are used in wastewater treatment plants. Like a lego, BOXes technologies are assembled to create your custom treatment process.

In order to design a MBBR basin for a wastewater treatment plant, it is first necessary to take into account the incoming loads and the desired treatment objectives. The temperature of the water also impacts the sizing, the warmer the water the more efficient the bacteria will be.

In order for us to provide you with a precise quotation and a 3D plan adapted to your project, please fill in the design form opposite.
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Depending on discharge standards, water alkalinity and other parameters, the following stages can be used with MBBR technology:

  • pre-denitrification
  • nitrification
  • denitrification
  • recirculation
  • degassing
  • Post-denitrification

You will find below some characteristics of the MBBR 6N-M of the 1h2o3 range and its advantages:

Benefits of MBBR technology

  • Highly effective treatment: MBBR technology is based on the biofilm principle, which uses microorganisms
    for the biological treatment of wastewater.
  • Reduced footprint
  • high tolerance to load variations:fixed cultures are more resistant in biofilm form, and are more resistant to hydraulic and organic load shocks. Attached to their supports, they are not “washed away” during storms.
  • Easy to operate: MBBR technology is operated just like an activated sludge plant.
  • Strong biological system :

    • To toxic shocks
    • To fluctuating flows
    • To variable costs

Specific benefits of MBBRbox 1h2o3

  • Custom made: All our MBBRs are custom made so that you can adapt them to your specific needs
  • Prefabricated packages: Turnkey package solutions have been developed to meet the stability requirements in all possible configurations
  • Compactness: with their large surface area, our MBBR holders treat 3x more pollution in the same volume.
  • Cost-effectiveness:the more compact it is, the lower the construction costs!
  • Function without agitators: thanks to their high solubility, the supports do not require agitators or over-ventilation to set them in motion (unlike those that float). The power consumption is reduced to a minimum.
  • Durability:unlike hard plastic mounts, foam absorbs shocks and does not break into small pieces. Attrition is thus limited.
  • High resistance: Our MBBRs have a high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • 3 installation methods: thanks to the thickness of the polypropylene walls, the tanks can be installed completely underground, partially underground (1.10 m overhang) or simply placed on a slab.
  • Outdoor use: for outdoor installations, the BOXes can be equipped with an insulating, non-slip, waterproof hood and a carbon filter for deodorization.
  • COD and BOD5 elimination: an MBBR process containing our chips can reach high carbon removal performances: sDBO5 < 5,0 mg/L and sDCO >95%
  • high tolerance to load variations:fixed cultures are more resistant in biofilm form, and are more resistant to hydraulic and organic load shocks. Attached to their supports, they are not “washed away” during storms.
  • Simplicity of operation: MBBR technology operates just like an activated sludge plant and requires minimal maintenance
  • Protected area for biofilm growth:Approximately 2600 m2/m3 ± 4 % (792 ft²/ft3)
  • Shape and Size: Cube-shaped holder with a nominal dimension of 20 mm x 20 mm and a thickness of 7 mm (0.78 x 0.78 x 0.27″). Small differences in measurements may be observed between individual rooms, but this does not influence performance.
  • Dry weight: 26-28 kg/m3. Wet bulk weight: 50-95 kg/m3
  • Porosity:90% to 95%.
  • Density: Ajustable. For most of the applications, the support exists in 1.04-1.1 density. The density allowance is ±0.02 kg/dm3.
  • Water Absorption:Approximately 250% (% by weight)
  • Microbial colonization:About 120 – 180 min
  • Contents:Porous, flexible and durable cubes made of hydrophilic Polyesther in PU foam impregnated with activated carbon powder.
  • Security: Harmless and neutral.
  • Municipal sewage plants
  • Compact system in container
  • Aquaculture / Pisciculture
  • Hôtels, resorts, campings
  • Paper industry
  • Agribusiness
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Petroleum industry

Available at any time:

    • Pictures of completed installations
    • 2D/3D Images
    • Technical data sheets

Given on delivery :

    • EC certificate or declaration of incorporation *
    • Leakage test report *
    • Assembly instructions
    • Operating Manual
    • Technical details *
    • List of spare parts and supplies *

* If applied


All over the world, 1h2o3 packages have dimensions compatible with transport in HC containers.


    • 10 to 14 weeks.

Once the order has been placed, the above-mentioned period runs (excluding weeks 31 to 34 and 51 to 52) from the date of receipt of payment and validation of the project plan (including all the options requested in the case of special requests). As soon as the equipment is ready, it will be shipped to you. A road transport requires approximately one week to set up, it can take up to 3 weeks for a container depending on the destination.

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