Customized Lamella Block

Custom-made Lamella Block! We can supply it either assembled or as individual parts.

3 mm thick smooth lamella, ensuring a high stability of the whole block in the long term.

  • Lamella from 1 to 2.25 m².
  • Optional inclination between 45 and 60°.
  • Lamella spacing as desired
  • Any length of blocks
  • Alternative weir channel collection available
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Our lamella blocks are semi-standardized products, which means that you have many customization options! In order to provide you with the most suitable answer, it is necessary to fill in the design form opposite so that we can provide you with a precise estimate and a 3D plan.
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You want to integrate a lamella block in an existing pond? Or install several blocks to create a large lamella clarifier? In order to meet all these requirements, we have developed a lamella block that can be completely customized.

From one of the 3 basic models, you can choose:

    • Spacing between the lamella.
    • Inclination of the lamella.
    • Length of the blocks
    • The possibility to add weir channels collection
Assemblage d'un bloc lamellaire 1h2o3
  • Choose between 3 completely customizable models:
    • 1 m² lamella : size 1 x 1 m
    • 1,5 m² lamella : size 1,22 x 1,22 m
    • 2.25 m² lamella: size 1.5 x 1.5 m

    Lamellas are made out of smooth 3 mm thick PVC. For potable water applications, we use materials that meet the regulations you specify (PE 100).

size s m l customized lamellar block 1h2o3

Benefits of lamella technology

  • Ground surface area <90%: Lamellar settling technology allows the water to be treated on a surface area 10 times smaller than a traditional clarifier.
  • No moving parts: All lamella clarifiers are fixed. Without moving parts, they require little maintenance and servicing.
  • Hydraulic overloads: Lamella clarifier is a faster clarification process. It can operate with peak flow rates 2 to 4 times higher than traditional clarifiers.

Specific advantages of 1h2o3 lamella blocks

  • Smooth anti-clogging lamella: All our lamellas are made of smooth PVC, allowing a better sedimentation and offering a self cleaning effect
  • Lamella thickness: All our lamellas are 3 mm thick. This thickness makes the structure much more resistant to clogging due to lack of maintenance and prevents the risk of collapse.
  • Regulation-compliant inclination: The 60° inclination satisfies most regulations/recommendations for lamellar settling.
  • Corrosion resistant: Every single lamella block is made of corrosion resistant materials, which significantly improves the life expectancy of the equipment.
  • Independent collection of floating sludge: Our twin weir channel allow separate collection:
    • – decanted water: treated water
    • – floating sludge: the floating fraction on the surface of lamellar clarifiers which, if not collected separately, reduces efficiency in TSS, COD, BOD5.
  • High quality and recyclable materials: Unlike fiberglass, all materials used in our blocks are 100% recyclable. We hope that you will return the equipment at the end of its life!
  • Drinking water conformity: Some countries require specific materials for drinking water applications (NSF-61, ACS, DVGW, SVGW..). We can adjust the materials of our lamella blocks to meet your specific regulations.

Whether it is for a new installation or to complete an existing treatment:

    • Wastewater treatment
    • Industrial water treatment
    • Drinking water
    • Rainwater and runoff
    • Backwash of sand filters
    • Metals finishing
    • Mining
    • Groundwater
    • River pre-sedimentation

custom lamellar block inclination customized lamellar block 1h2o3

Space between the lamellas is entirely up to you. You can choose between 45 mm, 57, 63, 92… Whatever you want. The wider your slats are spaced, the fewer slats there are per block. The maximum length of a block is 3 m. The blocks are attached to each other lengthwise and laterally.

spacing customized lamella block 1h2o3

If you want to have the weir channel integrate directly with the lamella blocks, you have two options

  • Sockets and weir channel with an outlet in DN110
  • Sockets and weir channel with an outlet in DN160

Weir channel length will be adapted to the length of the blocks. Outlet diameter will be determined according to the crossflow.

Remember the advantages of our weir channel:

  • Twin weir channel: all our spouts are equipped with a twin channel, allowing for separate collection:
    • decanted water: the treated water in fact
    • floating sludge: the floating fraction on the surface of lamellar clarifiers which, if not collected separately, decreases efficiency in TSS, COD, BOD5.
  • Flexible weir channel: all our weir channel are equipped with oblong holes. They can easily be fixed horizontally to ensure better hydraulic drainage.

– Block: PP, PVC, INOX 316L. These materials can be suitable for drinking water installations.
– Weir channel: PE

Weight: depends on the spacing and size of the lamellas

Width: 1 m, 1.22 m or 1.5 m

Height of a 1m lamella:
– to 60°: 881 mm
– to 55°: 839 mm
– to 50°: 791 mm
– to 45°: 739 mm

Available at any time:

  • Pictures of completed installations
  • Technical data sheets

Given on delivery :

  • EC certificate or incorporation declaration
  • Assembly instructions
  • Operating Manual *
  • Detailed technical sheet(s)
  • List of spare parts and supplies *

* If applied


Everywhere in the world, the blocks are assembled or in parts. This second option allows you to save a lot of money on transportation.


  • 6-10 weeks.

Once the order has been placed, the above-mentioned period runs (excluding weeks 31 to 34 and 51 to 52) from the date of receipt of payment and validation of the project plan (including all the options requested in the case of special requests). As soon as the equipment is ready, it will be shipped to you. A road transport requires approximately one week to set up, it can take up to 3 weeks for a container depending on the destination.

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