Drinking water treatment skid

Gain access to clean and safe drinking water with our chemical dosing equipment for potabilization or water purification, with complete skids that can be combined with various treatment packages!

Complete potabilisation system

Modular and Standardized

The dosing machines are suitable for almost all needs and types of water to be treated and can be combined with other technologies:

Coagulation Flocculation, Sand filter, Decantation, Disinfection.


With 4 compact skids supporting a flow rate between 10 and 40 m3, we design our drinking water range with integrated sand filteras well as several options and configurations possible!


Our machines are energy-efficient because there are very few sensors involved, which means low energy consumption.. In addition, are manufactured in compliance with the French standards for drinking water in polyethylene PE.

Easy to clean and transport

We have developed our skid to require the lowest possible maintenance, and thanks to its compactness, they are easy to move and transportable in 20 or 40 m³ containers with fast delivery times.

Efficient water treatment technology

Do you want to get high-quality water? Our solutions have a high return on investment! 1H2O3 liquid dosing systems are made of high-quality, resistant material that complies with OMS drinking water standards. The design is suitable for chemically compatible liquids that can be dosed with a peristaltic pump, such as polymers.

Purify your water with our turnkey system

1H2O3’s team of technical engineers can develop and manufacture an easy-to-use, turnkey “Plug&Play” drinking water treatment system. Just follow the instructions provided, plug in the machine and you’re all set!

Can be installed off-grid

Depending on your needs, our engineers can study the possibilities of solar panels or other renewable energy sources for the installation of drinking water treatment systems! Don’t hesitate to contact us or send us an email to talk about it.

Commençons dès aujourd’hui !

Nos experts sont à votre disposition pour vous aider à sélectionner la gamme d’eau potable la plus adapté à votre besoin! Vous pouvez faire un dimensionnement gratuit en ligne. Vous pouvez aussi nous joindre par téléphone ou par mail pour parler de votre projet!

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