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Are you planning a large-scale RAS project or a complex aquaculture facility?

Our team of engineers can assist you in conceptualizing, designing, and creating a complete customized system that meets your specific needs.

From conception to installation, 1H2O3 engineers are ready to put their expertise at the service of your large-scale projects.

Our filters are designed to :

  • eliminate solids
  • maximize clarification while minimizing water consumption.

Furthermore, regardless of your parameters, our team can help you ensure good water quality for your application.

However, every filtration project presents specific technical constraints, and no two projects are alike.

That’s why we built our company around :

  • the design
  • construction
  • expert installation of customized filtration systems for a multitude of industries.

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Système RAS conçu sur mesure

Our technical approach in stages

Step 1: System conceptualization

Firstly, involve the assessment of project feasibility by a specialist.

  1. This includes identifying biological and physical sizing criteria, so critical design decisions can be made. Specific defined criteria will include objectives such as:
      • Annual production
      • Harvest and restocking schedules
      • Required water quality parameters
      • Site constraints

2. Next, identifying water treatment processes and various elements of the production and water treatment system that meet design criteria.

3. Finally, integrating sizing criteria and identified design elements into a comprehensive conceptual plan for the entire installation. The conceptualization will involve:

      • Selection of equipment essential for aquatic life
      • Initial building layout
      • Filter design
      • Final process arrangement
      • Equipment cost estimation

Step 2: Advanced Design and Project Management

Phase 2 is carried out by:

  • Finalizing the biological and physical sizing criteria
  • Designing the unit treatment system
  • Installing the complete plant and related facilities

Moreover, the components of this facility may include:

  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Shops
  • Quarantine facilities
  • Breeder stocks
  • Small Fry
  • Hatcheries
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Effluent treatment and recycling facilities, etc.

All of the following sizing assignments will be performed.

  1. First, the aquaculture system is characterized by:
      • Production objectives
      • Breeding cycles
      • Stocking schedules
      • Harvest and restocking schedules
      • Biological growth rates and site requirements

     2. Next, the main equipment is specified and selected:

      • Independent production systems (including pond size, recirculation, filter design to remove suspended solids, biofiltration, aeration/de-gassing, disinfection)
      • Monitoring and control equipment
      • Laboratory equipment

    3. Equipment layout and piping:

      • Detailed drawings of each production system showing the layout
      • Elevations and key characteristics of the piping, including a basic list of fittings.

    4. Investment estimation – estimates of the prices of various system components.

    5. Finally, project management assistance during construction.

1H2O3 representatives can be mandated to attend construction meetings and site inspections during system installation. 1H2O3 can also address any construction issues related to the project’s purpose.

Step 3: Technical drawings approved by a consulting engineering firm if required

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