Our Aquatic Applications

Aquaculture and fish hatcheries

Our aquatic applications include:

  • Filters for recirculating systems (RAS)
  • Efficient filtration and biofiltration in one easy-to-use equipment.
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Domestic aquaponics systems

Would you like to grow plants and fish? With our filters and aquaponics systems, it is much easier to preserve your fish, allowing you to focus on the plants.

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Live bait storage

Do you keep living organisms for food or as bait? Our sturdy filters can be adapted to your production volume. We can size tanks, filters and equipment to meet your needs.

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Koi pond systems

Do you want the best quality water? Try our bead filter and UV sterilizer kit. 1H2O3 filters help maintain stable water quality by removing suspended solids and promoting the growth of nitrifying bacteria.

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Retail and catering

Complete turnkey systems with integrated filters:

  • installation facile
  • low mortality rate
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Systems for aquariums and zoo ponds

Large, high-flow systems for livestock ponds with high suspended solids content. Alternative to sand filtration requiring little maintenance and generating neither clogging nor formation of preferential passages.

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Commercial aquaponic systems

We design, develop and build large-scale aquaponics systems for commercial aquatic applications.

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Storage tanks for shellfish

Our recirculating filter systems will improve water quality, help reduce mortality and reduce the cost of maintaining water temperature.

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Whether it’s a simple drum filter or a complete custom recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), our engineers can help you select the perfect combination of equipment for your needs.

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