Water REUSE SKID available for lease with purchase option!

Compact and user-friendly equipment designed to reuse water. Either for communities, industries or agriculture, it allows to reach the quality classes A, B, C or D. The REUT skid is mounted on a rot-proof pallet. A hood provides UV and weather protection. Thanks to this complete range of equipment, you have a secondary water network with the following characteristics

  • Automatic pump, allowing to suck water directly into a clarifier for example
  • Wide range for flow rates up to 45 m3/h with a pressure of about 3 bars
  • 20µ filtration mesh (optional 2 to 500µm)
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • 316L stainless steel UV reactor
  • Easy to carry with a pallet truck
  • Can be placed outside with UV resistant hood
  • Low-tech water REUSE skid: low maintenance and support
  • Automatic lamp cleaning optional (recommended if placed downstream of a ferrous product dosing)
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Skids work in a very simple way:

  • When opening the tap, water comes out under pressure.
  • Drop in pressure triggers pumping.
  • Pumped water is filtered and disinfected
  • A control valve allows the flow rate to be adjusted. Recommended operating flow rate will depend on the transmittance of the water source.
  • Once the filter is clogged, a solenoid discharge valve opens to discharge the particles.
1h2o3 REUSE
  • Reduction of freshwater resource pressure: especially useful in drought and water stress periods.
  • Water security improvement: Reuse of treated wastewater can improve water security by increasing the availability of water for non-potable uses. This allows to preserve water resources for the most important domestic and industrial uses.
  • Valorization of nutrients: instead of having to treat water to meet strict standards on nitrates and phosphorus before it is discharged, and buying fertilizers, it is better to valorize the resource by watering it.
  • Long-term sustainability: Treated wastewater reuse is a sustainable solution to meet the growing need for water in a changing world.
  • Compactness: easy to install on new or existing projects.
  • Easy handling: with open structure for transpallet
  • High quality level: can reach quality A depending on the resource
  • High flow rate: up to 8 m3/h, with the flow rate adjusted to the transmittance
  • Easy: no calibration of sensors, the skid works autonomously once primed.
  • High quality and recyclable materials: unlike fiberglass, all materials used in our equipment are 100% recyclable.
  • ACS certified version: for use in drinking water systems
  • Information feedback: to send information back to supervision
  • Mesh size: choice of 2 to 500 µm. Standard version 20 µm
  • Automatic UV lamp cleaning: a UV sensor is added to trigger the periodic scraping of the ducts to ensure optimal disinfection and reduce maintenance.


    • Cast iron self-priming
    • Brass wheels


    • PVC/ PP


    • 304 stainless steel exterior parts
    • Solenoid valve and brass pressure switch
    • IP54 box with indicator light and cycle counter

UV reactor :

    • Stainless steel reactor 316L
    • IP54 ventilated box

Here are some common applications for which water reuse is recommended

    • Agricultural irrigation
    • Watering of green spaces, parks, stadiums or golf courses
    • Restrooms and toilets
    • Fire fighting systems
    • Industrial processes
    • Car washes
    • Fountains, waterfalls and decorative ponds
    • Rainwater recycling systems
    • Cooling systems
    • Groundwater or water plan refill
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