DL18large – 18m2
  • Large lamellar decanter 18m2 DL18
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DL18large – 18m2

Large multifunctional lamellar decanter at unbeatable price!

Ideal for small flows up to 9 m3 / h in waste water, 14.4 m3 / h in rainwater!
Separation of floating particles by cleverly designed siphoid partitions
Reduces operating costs through simple operation and low maintenance
Very handy and nice design
High quality plastic, very strong with stainless steel screws

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Large lamellar decanter 18m2 “building version”, equipped with 18 m² projected surface of lamellae. It is a compact equipment, which is intended to be installed in a building protected from the light rays.

The structure is made of polypropylene and the lamellae are made of smooth PVC. All the bolts are made of stainless steel.

This equipment is not suitable for container transport.

Properties of the lamellar decanter

This decanter is equipped with:

– a set of slats for a total projected area of ​​18 m²
– a supply line Ø110 mm
– a collection chute for the treated water and its outlet pipe in Ø110
– a system for the recovery of floats and its outlet pipe in Ø110
– a drainage pipe at the bottom of the tank in Ø63
A sludge pump which is housed at the bottom of a dedicated tube. Thus, it is possible to extract sludge according to the frequency you will determine (recommended), and to easily access it
Length 1,780 mm
Width 3000 mm
Height 2,420 mm

Unloaded weight 1,200 kg
Weight in load 4 700 kg

This equipment will be delivered with a batch of spacers of different thicknesses, the fixing screws to the ground

Complementary equipment

For the automatic evacuation of floats:

Supply of a solenoid valve for the automatic evacuation of floats (recommended)
Optional for fitting on site:

Lip pads 90 ° Ø110
Lip sleeves Ø110
Other accessories on request
Options to be defined at the command

Mounting position of the various pipes:

Power supply Ø110: left, right, face
Collection pipeline of treated water Ø110: left, right, face
Floating recovery pipe Ø110: left, right, face
Sludge pump housing: left or right
The caisson where the automatic float evacuation is located is opposite the sludge pumps housing.
Downloadable documents

At registration and can be consulted at any time

Basic autocad plan of this equipment
Presentation of the decanter
To order

Option preparation form
Upon receipt of the form, sending of the autocad project plan containing all the requested options


Once the order has been placed, 16 weeks from the date of receipt of payment and validation of the autocad project plan (including all the requested options)

Additional information

Weight1000 kg
Dimensions178 × 300 × 242 cm
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