BTM-S buffer tank (Copie)

BTM-S buffer tankavailable for rent with purchase option!

Industrial buffer tank for storage of all types of effluent. Thick-walled, rigid polypropylene honeycomb allows full or partial underground installation. The lift pumps can be positioned at different heights, to smooth out hydraulic load peaks.

  • Total volume: 4 m3
  • Quantity of 316L stainless steel lift pumps installed can vary
  • Includes safety overflow valve
  • Protection: without protective hood, for indoor installation
  • Thick, rigid polypropylene walls: can be completely or partially buried
  • Fluid level: +2020 mm
  • Draining
  • Can be combined with any equipment in the M range

A buffer tank is essential for water treatment. It smoothes the stream, reducing the size and energy consumption of downstream equipment.

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The buffer tank is a frequently used piece of water treatment equipment. It helps to smooth out hydraulic (and therefore organic) loads, which facilitates downstream treatment. To determine the buffer volume and the appropriate quantity of pumps, please fill in the design form on the right, so that we can provide you with a precise quotation and a 3D drawing.
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There are many advantages in using a buffer to reduce flow and pollutant load:

  • Thanks to peak flow reduction, downstream equipment can be smaller
  • The plant’s overall performance is therefore lower
  • The energy consumed by the entire process is dispersed across a wider timescale, generating electricity savings, for example, as night-time kWh is generally cheaper than daytime kWh.

Benefits of using a buffer tank

The buffer tank is used to stabilize effluent flows and loads on the downstream water treatment process. Each tank is individually adapted to your needs with the following advantages:

  • CAPEX savings: Allows downstream processes to be designed based on a smoothed flow rather than on the peak.
  • OPEX savings: with a smoothed flow rate, peak power consumption is lower and biological treatments are more efficient.

Benefits specific to 1h2o3 buffer tanks

  • Custom-built: All our buffer tanks are made to order so that you can adapt them to your specific needs.
  • 2 mounting methods: the thickness of the walls means that the tanks can be installed completely/partially underground or simply on a slab.
  • Strong structure: with its high-quality, hard-wearing materials, the buffer tank is built to last.
  • Wide capability choice: depending on the buffer volume required, there’s always a piece of equipment to meet your needs.
  • Easy to combine with other equipment: that’s the advantage of 1h2o3 products.
  • Corrosion-resistant: The materials used in each buffer tank are corrosion-resistant, which significantly improves equipment life expectancy.
  • Safety overflow: to prevent overflow
  • Environmental solution:The materials selected for manufacturing are 100% recyclable.
  • Outdoor use: for outdoor installations (E), the tanks are fitted with a non-slip cover and stainless steel jacks.
  • Easy to maintain: easy to access and use, with drain and lift pumps.

BTM buffer tank range for 1h2o3 indoor

Whether it is for a new installation or to complete an existing treatment:

    • Treatment of sludge waste,
    • Industrial sewage
    • Water purification
    • Elimination of organic and inorganic pollutants (particulate and/or dissolved, colloids),
    • Suspended solids removal (SS),
    • Phosphorus precipitation,
    • Clay suspensions and mixes,
    • Cement milks,
    • Metal and anion removal,
    • Suppression of certain populations of microorganisms,
    • Removal of oil particles and grease
    • Rainwater and runoff
    • Metal processing
    • Mining
    • Paper and board


All over the world, 1h2o3 packages have dimensions compatible with transport in HC containers.


    • 10 to 14 weeks.

Once the order has been placed, the above-mentioned period runs (excluding weeks 31 to 34 and 51 to 52) from the date of receipt of payment and validation of the project plan (including all the options requested in the case of special requests). As soon as the equipment is ready, it will be shipped to you. A road transport requires approximately one week to set up, it can take up to 3 weeks for a container depending on the destination.

Available at any time:

    • Pictures of completed installations
    • 2D/3D Images
    • Technical data sheets

Given on delivery :

    • EC certificate or declaration of incorporation *
    • Leakage test report *
    • Assembly instructions
    • Operating Manual
    • Technical details *
    • List of spare parts and supplies *

* If applied

The reinforced construction allows to contain pressures, whether they come from the inside because of the water, or from the outside with the earth. Placed on a solid foundation, a package can be:

  • – completely buried
  • – partially buried (example: 1.10 m overhang)
  • – simply placed on the slabMBBR BOX enclosed or concealed installation options 1h2o3


    • 2 years, under normal conditions of use on parts, as defined at the time of the order.

Warranty extension:

    • This equipment can benefit from an extended warranty. The conditions of this extension will be discussed on a case-to-case basis.

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