Wastewater quality parameter.

What are the wastewater quality parameters?

Depending on the country and the receiving environment, government agencies define wastewater quality parameters. Indeed, they allow to follow and measure the impact of human activities on a river.

In some special cases or for large municipal wastewater treatment plants, special parameters complete them, such as :

  • hard nitrogen: which can be found in mineral (ammonia, nitrate) or organic form. Its organic or ammoniacal presence results in a consumption of oxygen in the natural environment and alters the living conditions.
  • ratio such as COD / BOD5: this ratio gives an indication of the source and origin of the organic pollution. The BOD5 of unpolluted surface water varies between 2 and 20 mg/l. Measures that go beyond that indicate water pollution.
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Wastewater components

Often, they are supplemented with various ratios and evaluated with respect to the entire stream flow. Wastewater quality parameters generally include BOD5, COD and TSS. These parameters are often associated with the :
  • NGL : the global nitrogen
  • NH4: ammoniacal nitrogen
  • NO3 : nitrates
  • Pt
In this section, we have described:
  • The relationship between BOD and COD
  • The nitrogen cycle in wastewater treatment
  • Phosphate components in wastewater
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