Biological treatment technology benefits

Biological wastewater treatment is a process using microorganisms to remove organic contaminants from the water. This method has many advantages over traditional wastewater treatment methods.


MBBR technology is very compact.

With these media, it can ensure stronger filtration and always require less space. It is estimated to be 3 times more compact than activated mud technology.


Cost-effectiveness is also one of the benefits of biological treatment technology. When compared to other facilities, the maintenance and operating costs are moderate.

Easy to use

This technology has a large scale of efficiency, to accommodate any requirement. This benefit allows the company to adjust more easily to legislative changes regarding the rate of rejection.

Sustainable system

Made with durable materials, the media ( surface of habitation of the bacteria) has an outstanding lifespan and can stay alive for more than 10 years.

High resistance

The cultures are attached to the bacteria and develop a capacity to resist currents and load variations.

Convenient to use

Biological treatment technology has a system that requires the same level of simplicity as an activated mud plant.

Health friendly

This biological treatment technology has the advantage of exploiting bio-remediation and is therefore very respectful of the environment and health.


This technology is highly flexible and can be easily integrated into any water treatment system to ensure increased efficiency.


This equipment is both efficient and practical, as it avoids using polymer, but also reduces the amount of solids emitted at the end of the process. As a result, the water saturation of the mud can be efficiently reduced and the energy efficiency increased.

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